Carola O’Brien

This message is for anyone who needs, or is thinking about having, an editor polish their work for them. To put it plainly, you could not do better than Donaleen Saul. She is unbelievably thorough. Since this was the first of my books she was editing, she took the time to read my previous book to understand the rhythm of how I write. Her suggestions gave me options but were not invasive… There are editors out there who seem to think it is their duty to completely change the flavour of an author’s manuscript, but Ms. Saul is not one of them. Should you have any questions she is quick to respond; if you have any doubts she is quick to explain. It has been a joy working with her and I look forward to working with her again.

Carola O’BrienBobby Dazzler and the Three Rubies of Ishmalan