Writing Workshops

I offer on-line and in-person writing workshops to give writers at all levels an opportunity to:

  • jumpstart their writing, especially if they haven’t written for a while
  • generate fresh ideas and sources of inspiration
  • develop their craft
  • launch new projects
  • gain new insight into themselves and/or a work in progress
  • access stories, characters, metaphors, images, conversations, observations, perceptions, etc. that might be otherwise unreachable
  • experience the joy that comes from doing the work they’ve been longing to do

To the right is a list of the workshops I’m currently offering.
Click on a title to view details.

I offer my workshops in different formats, depending on the needs of the group – from a two-hour evening presentation, to a one-day immersion, to a series of ten classes.

More interested in working one-on-one? I offer all of these workshops as VIP days.

WRITE INTO THE BELLY OF THE WHALE - a facilitated one-day writing marathon for the lapsed, stuck, frustrated, distracted, bored, haunted and/or hungry writer who feels called to a wordly adventure.

It is for writers who long to bypass the run-of-the-mill mind and the restrictive habits and assumptions that are its dismal spawn.

Write into the Belly of the Whale offers a series of timed writing exercises (5 to 20 minutes in length) to help writers access stories, characters, metaphors, images, conversations, observations, perceptions, etc. that dwell in uncharted domains of soul and psyche.

YOUR LIFE INTO WORDS - a creative writing workshop for writers who long to write their memoir but don’t know where to start.

Receive instruction, get inspired and engage in exercises that will help you gather your ideas, organize your material, assemble an outline, create a writing plan, and stay on track as you complete the book that only you can write.

FROM HEART TO HAND - a journal-writing workshop which guides bereaved youth and adults through the complexities of grief by suicide and charts the path to transformation and renewal.

It is based on my newly released book, Did You Know I Would Miss You? – The Transformational Journey of the Suicide Survivor, a memoir and journal guidebook written after my brother’s suicide in 2004.

Participants will practice journal-writing exercises that serve the process of healing and reconciliation, they will discover inner strength and resources they didn’t know they had, and they will explore journal-writing techniques that can open the door to a more joyful and expansive life.

THE HOLY WRITE - SCRIBING YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - a nonsectarian journal-writing workshop that supports the development of spiritual growth and awareness.

Writing is a reliable and powerful gateway to our own mind and heart, a channel of astonishing truth and wisdom that writers at all levels can access.

In the pages of your journal, discover how to best support your spirituality, and learn what the classic mystical stages of Awakening, Purification, Illumination, Dark Night of the Soul, and Divine Union have to teach you.

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