Creativity is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This is not just a day for people in romantic relationships to exchange sweet somethings, but a day for celebrating love in its many forms. It’s been a real joy today to say “I love you” to my mom, my sister, my friends; to this fiercely windy rainy day here in Vancouver; to everyone with whom I’ve come into contact today (internally, please! – if you say “I love you” out loud in Canada, people will think you’re hitting on them) – and to mean it. Wonderful!

Another worthy target for your love is you, and as The Creative Consuela’s chief envoy, I can assure you that one of the most au fait acts of self-love is honoring your creativity. Here are a couple of questions to either write about or ponder as you contend with the many deliveries of real or metaphorical roses and chocolates that will be laid at your doorstep today:

My creativity has been a blessing because…

Creative gifts that I’ve been given include…

The creative gift that has most defined me is…

I put my creativity at the center of my life when I…

Another way to love your creative self is to sign up for creativity coaching. Get some help discovering next steps, solving creative quandaries, vanquishing resistance – or whatever your creative heart desires. If you contact me at by midnight PST on Wednesday, February 16, you will get The Creative Consuela’s package of three 45-minute sessions for a special Valentine’s Day price of $200 instead of $225. Such a gift to your richly deserving self.

And if you live in the general vicinity of Vancouver, BC, CANADA, treat yourself to the next series of six Wednesday evening classes, Stoking Your Creative Fire, which begins on Wednesday, March 16 (7-9 PM). A fabulous opportunity to honor your creative dreams and to make them a reality. As my Valentine’s Day gift to you, if you sign up yourself and a friend at by Midnight PST on Wednesday, February 16, the two of you can attend all six classes for the price of one ($180).

Contact me at and take advantage of these irresistible offerings.

And in the meantime, let’s keep spreading the love. We need it now more than ever.

I love you!


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