Donaleen Saul

Imagine that you have only six months to live.

Meditate for a couple of minutes on this.

Now answer honestly. What do you want to write before you die? Or what do you want to share about the life you’ve lived? Be as specific as you can. Don’t worry about being accurate or profound or anything. Just see what comes.

Carol Cram

Donaleen provided me with a comprehensive analysis of my office space that included helping me clarify my writing goals. This, coupled with Donaleen’s suggestions for Feng Shui enhancements, has helped me to transform my space into an oasis of calm, order, and inspiration. I adore my new office and am getting an amazing amount of writing accomplished.

Devrah Laval

Donaleen Saul is more than a writer/editor, she is a GIFT who brings great wisdom and integrity to her work. She is excellent at editing the nitty-gritty basics, but where she really shines is in her ability to see the big picture and assist a writer in bringing forth their highest vision.

Donaleen Saul

One of the most frequent comments I make on a writer’s work, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or a screenplay, is “Show, don’t tell.” If you tell your readers what to think or believe, you will bore them and annoy them. Instead, offer detail, anecdote, examples, description of whatever it is you are conveying. Let your readers/viewers make their own discoveries.